Sandblast Glass and Mirror : Clitheroe

Stylish and Striking


1st Choice Frames specialise in a variety of bespoke decorative design techniques for glass and mirrors using sandblasted etch glass.

Sandblasted designs in Clitheroe on glass offer a functional glazing solution where a degree of privacy and light transitions is required creating variety and interest.

We create bespoke contemporary glass pieces in Clitheroe for domestic and architectural spaces as well as reproducing traditional period designs.

Popular Applications:

  • Sandblasted Door Panels Clitheroe
  • Sandblasted Transoms Clitheroe
  • Sandblasted Screens Clitheroe
  • Sandblasted Partitions Clitheroe
  • Sandblasted Windows Clitheroe
  • Sandblasted Mirrors Clitheroe
  • Sandblasted Traditional Pub Windows Clitheroe
  • Sandblasted Table Tops Clitheroe
  • Sandblasted Balustrades Clitheroe
  • Sandblasted Signs Clitheroe
  • Sandblasted Cladding Clitheroe


1st Choice Frames : Sandblasted Glass 1st Choice Frames : Sandblasted Glass

Sandblasted Etched Glass in Clitheroe

Sandblasting is the process of blasting the surface of glass giving the areas blasted a frosted appearance.

Sandblasted glass is usually used to obscure the view but still transmit light. Sandblasted contemporary and traditional panels are extremely popular and repeat patterns are used when privacy or screening is required, many of the patterns we use are reproductions of Victorian originals, some patterns offer more privacy than others. Sandblasting offers a creative flexible solution for example if the glass is sandblasted both sides a multi-tonal effect is produced offering another dimension.

Sand Carving
Sand carving is achieved by blasting away at the glass for longer periods to establish layers of depth, which gives the glass a 3 dimensional effect.

1st Choice Frames : Sandblasted Glass

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