Decorative Glass Designs

Add Flair and Style to your Glazing Project

1st Choice Frames has the decerative glass designs to add a sparkle to your glazing project, giving your Doors and Windows a unique style, with furnature to match.

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Traditional Designs

Make your home leap out from the crowd this year with our traditional stunning colours and glass designs. From a wide range to choose from - allow 1st Choice Frames LTD to help you make a statement this year.

Discover how the brilliance and beauty of lead and glass bevels can add an extra dimension to your window or door. We have designs suitable for fanlights, doors and conservatories. Our range of designs both traditional and contemporary create a magical effect which will look good and stay good for years to come.

Lead is used in a variety of ways, to add style, character and authenticity to your new windows and doors. As you will see from our designs below there are many different designs to choose from. With our glass designs, you can create your own individual atmosphere. Decorative glass adds another dimension to windows and doors, whether they are in a house, business or conservatory.

Georgian Bars

Georgian Bars are available in a variety of colours, using a grill or single bar style design. Specially cut self adhesive Georgian Bar to complement internal Georgian profile and complete the authentic Georgian look.

Georgian Bars are available in the traditional integral type, which are located inbetween the two panes of glass and now the Georgian bar which in mounted on the front face of the glass both inside and out.

The integral Georgian Bars add great character to your property, however they still retain the ease of cleaning and maintenance to your windows and doors, as the feature bars are located inside the double glazed sealed units.

These Georgian Bars are available in white, gold, and also in the complimenting colour of any of wood grain finishes we offer in our PVCu window range.

RocDeco Crystal

Enhance the look of your home with these new Roc Deco Crystal decorative designs that reflect both modern and traditional living.

The Crystal Collection comprises of seven injection moulded designs with an option of nine different colours of glass. The stunning designs and tubular H bar system are also available in four colours to give you a product of immense beauty affording you endless possibilities within the range.

This new system will illiminate the need for lead and glass bevel adhesive, making it the most eco-friendly bevel product in todays market, allowing you total encapsulation within the sealed double glazed unit.

Bevelled Designs

The Roc Bevel range of bevelled glass clusters gives you the most comprehensive range of door panel and fanlight designs available on today's market.

Continually developing the concept of creative options,  we provide this extensive range of Bevel Cluster options. Bevel Clusters can compliment the use of lead and  coloured work, finishing your decorative glass creations. All Bevel Clusters can be coloured selecting from any of our colour ranges using either traditional lead or brass effect finish.

Roc Deco Inspirations

Roc Deco Inspirations collection is the latest range of decorative grille designs from the innovators at Rocplas. These exciting designs give a visually stunning effect to your windows or doors.

Roc Deco decorative grilles are manufactured using 100% precision engineering. The aluminium bar is anodised prior to going through a process of roll-forming to create the required tubular shape. The injection moulded ABS plastic components are created using an electro plating galvanic process to ensure UV stability.

The Roc Deco decorative grilles are totally encapsulated inside a sealed unit, giving you a lifetime of protection from the elements.

RocDeco Fusion Tiles

Fusion glass is created by fusing pieces of coloured glass together in a furnace to make coloured glass tiles - thhe final result turining out to be absolutely stunning.

Fusion glass is produced by using a furnace to bring coloured glass to a molten stage and carefully mixing the colours, producing beautiful glass tiles. These are bonded with an optically clear resin to a carrier glass.
The Fusion designs are perfect for entrance doors, side-panels and bathroom windows etc, bringing to your home a quality that is truly reflective of modern living. The Fusion glass system is available in many different colours and shapes.


Sandblasted glass also known as etched glass can be used to achieve a range of effects from a contemporary look to a traditional feel.

Sandblasting glass can be used for a total frosted look to simple boarders, fine text including house names and numbers, company logos, floral or abstract design. Essentially, anything the customer may be able to imagine from traditional pieces to more edgy, contemporary designs.

Screen Printing

Screen printed glass is ideal for use in partitions, roof glazing and external wall where there are a combination of aesthetic and functional requirements.

The benefits include maintaining light transmission whilst controlling solar heat gain and providing a degree of privacy tailored to the needs of the project.  With almost limitless flexibility of designs, screen printing allows for each project to be unique.



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